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Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry : Story of Impact

Marty had an obsession with guns.  One day that obsession ruined his life when he murdered his best friend in a drunken rage.  He had been incarcerated for 19 years and was less than a year from release when he first became involved with DISCIPLE Bible Study.  He first took the study out of curiosity and boredom.  Besides, what did he have to lose?  His life was a wreck.  His crime had not only cost him his best friend, but it had also cost him the love and respect of this wife and five children - a family he hardly knew anymore but with whom he would soon be reunited.  Following his DISCIPLE Bible Study experience, his life was changed.  Still, he knew that living the Christian life on the outside would not be easy.  One night he promised the Lord that if God would walk with him, Marty would try to live a life pleasing to God.  Marty did just that!  When he came home, his children did not recognize the father who walked through the door.  He was a changed man.  After his release, his DISCIPLE prison teachers made the 50 mile round trip from Greensboro to Winston-Salem to pick Marty up so that he could complete Disciple I.  After the summer break, they did the same thing for nine months so that Marty could take DISCIPLE II at their church.  Then, as soon as he was eligible, Marty went back to prison!  Not as an inmate, however.  Marty went back as a volunteer, teaching Disciple III at the same prison where he had served time!  Marty was recently named to the community resource council of that same prison.  He was the first former inmate in the history of that prison to be so named.  Where there is God, there is victory.  Our gospel is one of hope and transformation!

Photo caption:  Long Description: Inmate Bill Pelfry attends a Disciple Bible Study class inside Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville, Tenn., led by members of Christ United Methodist Church in nearby Franklin, Tenn. "Most of us don't like ourself. We need someone to instill some kind of love in us. Give us some hope." Pelfry says. Through the church, Pelfry also has a pen pal, who became his first visitor in 27 years. Christ UMC's prison ministry also offers a Wednesday morning Communion service and a Sunday morning worship service. More than a dozen inmates are now members of the congregation.