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$15 A Week For Food

$15 A Week For Food

Loida Spiro is grateful for her mother and the United Methodist Church.  Her mother was a hard-working waitress who had a dream that her daughter be able to attend a college.  The UMC provided a scholarship that made higher education a reality.

Loida’s mother, who is 97 years old and still living, worked hard all of her life. Her waitress salary allowed them to get by but a university degree seemed out of reach.  The $500 scholarship she received from the UMC actually paid for both semesters of tuition at the time.  Her mom scrimped to send Loida $15 a week for food.

“The first year I was able to work, but as the nursing classes got more difficult and practicums were expected, it became difficult to also work.  There were times my roommate and I were hungry.  But we managed.”

“Not long ago, my mom told me that one week she didn’t have $15 to send to me, so mom tried to hock her watch.  When the person found out why, they gave her the money and told her to keep the watch. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate my mom and how grateful I am to the church.”

“My husband had a successful construction business, and I have been so blessed. I just knew I needed to return the blessing that I’d received years ago to thank the United Methodist Church for believing in me.

It was a good investment.  Loida served as a nurse and then went on to obtain a Master’s and Doctorate degree and taught nursing at a university.  She continues to be active as a retired nurse educator and is in the process of publishing a children’s book entitled, And All The Wild Animals.

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