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Multiply By Sharing

I have been blessed with all the privileges of a good education in Switzerland. From the cradle, I learnt to join heart and head, personal maturity and intellectual excellence. Methodists in our local church helped me to discover the faith and to join knowledge with vital piety. This combination of knowledge and vital piety which I experienced at the UM Theological Seminary in Reutlingen, Germany, convinced me to remain there for the entire time of my theological studies. I only changed to the University for my postgraduate Ph.D. studies. Quite different from most other regions in the world, where you would end up with heavy debts, higher education is no costly thing in Western Europe. I have been blessed.

As a good steward of the manifold blessings, I want to share them. Early in my pastoral ministry, I was appointed part-time to create a Methodist training center in the French language. I began to reach out to French speaking UM Theological Schools in Africa. Finally, with the support of the two General Boards of Global Ministries and of Higher Education and Ministry, we organized consultations for French speaking Methodists. The Methodist connection became alive for promoting theological education and resources, even with limited financial resources. Connecting and sharing brings the multiplication of blessings.

All over my ministry as a pastor and later as a Bishop, I have seen the importance of a theological education where personal and social holiness go hand in hand and where vital piety joins with knowledge. I want to promote it, particularly in the regions outside of the U.S. Most of these regions are growing. And all of them need well trained pastors who lead in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. That’s why I promote building the Endowment Fund for Theological Education in the Central Conferences. I have been blessed and want to share it so that blessings are multiplied. Join in sharing!

Bishop Patrick Streiff

You can support the work of those called to ministry around the world like Bishop Patrick Streiff by supporting the Endowment Fund for Theological Education in the Central Conferences. Please visit the following website to learn more: