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According to sports commentator Mike Pesca, the best advice for watching a basketball game is this: Don’t Watch the Ball!

We want to watch the ball because it draws our attention.  To truly figure out how the game is played, the strategies and intricacies of it, you should watch the players.  They show you the game in a very different way.

The ball is used to score, but it is by watching the team that you begin to see what will win or lose the game.

The same advice can be said for the church.  If you want to know how a church works and thrives, don’t strictly look at the attendance records or collection plate, but at the congregation and how they handle their role on the team.

Do they participate in the ministry of the church and play in the game?

Are they defensive or offensive in setting up or blocking outreach?

Do they hog the ball and make it all about them?

Do they have lots of ideas but lack the skills to carry out the point?

Watching the people in ministry shows us a different way to look at a church’s life.

In every local church, there are thousands of selfless acts, moments of outreach, and sacrificial gifts not recognized by the congregation. However, just as players position themselves to help the team, our clergy and lay members can enable our ministries to persist and grow.