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A Relationship With God and Others

How can we foster a healthy relationship with God and those in our lives?

It seems there are three main ingredients to being in a healthy relationship, whether it is with God or your neighbor.



There has to be an openness to being in a relationship with someone that requires a willingness to share of ourselves and acceptance of that which is shared with us.  It can be scary and difficult to open ourselves and become vulnerable to our friends, family, and even with God.

What we must realize is that God empathizes with us and we can receive commiseration and healing from our TRUST in God.  This in turn teaches us how to do the same for others.


The most intimate relationships are built over the course of time. However, it is often difficult to make time for those we care about. 

Finding time in our busy schedules to host a friend or pray to God is often a difficult task.  Jesus took the time to hold conversations with those who followed him, and those he met along the way. His focus was on those that needed him, or wished to meet him.  One of the greatest gifts of a prosperous society is the blessing of time away from work to spend with family, hobbies, and other pursuits. How we spend this time is a true measure of our priorities, and our focus on God. 

“Teach us to number our days so we can have a wise heart.” Psalm 90:12 CEB


It takes discipline to be in a relationship.  We must practice having trust in others, taking the necessary time to see those in front of us, and the will to keep going.

“Whenever I’m afraid, I put my trust in you” Psalm 56:3 CEB

This discipline of actively practicing love will connect us with human beings who are made in the very image of a connected true God.

Practice these things, and live by them so that your progress will be visible to all. 1 Timothy 4:15 CEB

Let us make time for each other.  Let us trust one another.  Let us be in relationship with one another as God has called us to do.

Utilizing TRUST, TIME, and DISCIPLINE we can build healthy relationships with God through our service and relationships with others.

Discipleship Ministries, our newest development partner, has a wealth of resources to assist you and your church in continuing to build a relationship with God through his call to be a disciple.  Discipleship Ministries is equipping world-changing disciples around the world, and we look forward to telling you more about their ministry later this month.

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