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Pacific Islander National Caucus of United Methodists

General Conference 2012 passed a comprehensive plan for Pacific Islander ministry in the United States. The plan was developed over a four-year period by a committee staffed by Global Ministries, which is administering the work of the new entity.

The four year study explored ways to empower Pacific-Island United Methodists to fully participate in the life of The UMC and be agents of Christian love and service within the world community; enable Pacific-Islander United Methodists to navigate their faith life in their new surroundings, incorporating their gifts from their respective island homes with appropriate resources in their new home; join all members of The United Methodist Church in bringing different and diverse gifts to the table; and affirm the common heritage of Pacific-Island people.

The new plan focuses on:

  • Leadership Development
  • Youth and Young Adult Leadership Development
  • Ministry With the Poor
  • Health
  • Congregational Development
  • Language Resources
  • Church as Community