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Ministry of Memory

Archivists point out that knowing the church's past is very important to the church's present. Dale Patterson: "We describe our work here as the ministry of memory. We want to help the church remember where it's been, where it's come from, 'cause that helps inform who we are and gives us an orientation toward the future."

United Methodist Archives & History Endowment Fund

The United Methodist Church Celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Social Creed. Ours is a rich and full history with its roots in John Wesley and the 18th Century Evangelical Revival movement, plus early American Methodism, Evangelical and United Brethren History.  There is no better time than during our celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Social Creed to remind us of the importance of ensuring the preservation of the history of The United Methodist Church.  We must make certain that the Commission can carry out its mission, especially to the 21st century church with its fast advancing technologies and increasing global presence.

If you would like more information on how to give to this ministry through your estate plan, contact us at (615) 369 - 2382 or