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Steve Zakuani donates Soccer Balls to Hope For The Children of Africa

Hope for the Children of Africa Endowment Fund

The nations of Africa have faced the forces of racism, drought, disease, war and economic hardship. Country after country and ministry after ministry has been hobbled by the devastation—families are torn apart and children are left to fend for themselves; hope is battered and dreams are trampled. Fallen buildings left in the wake of fighting are mute testimonies to disaster. The damage to the ministries once housed within the buildings—- ministries that served God’s children—is an assault to the Spirit.

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church believes that a new moment of decision in the church’s witness in Africa is upon us. With the Bishops’ Appeal, Hope for the Children of Africa, the Council is answering God’s call to witness for peace, justice and compassion by leading the global United Methodist family in the rebuilding of the church in Africa and the renewal and restoration of spiritual and material ministries for children. This appeal is a significant extension of the ongoing Episcopal Initiative on Children and Poverty that is revitalizing our church. It is being developed as a result of a request from, and consultation with, the African Bishops.

The Council of Bishops established this endowment fund to ensure that the church continues to work towards eradication of all that threatens health and wholeness of the world’s children. Now your commitment can live beyond your lifetime and ensure that our values and mission will live far into the future.

If you would like more information on how to give to this ministry through your estate plan, contact us at (615) 369 - 2382 or