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General Council on Finance & Administration Fund

“The General Council on Finance and Administration will be a leading and trusted resource for The United Methodist Church,” says the GCFA Vision Statement. “We will facilitate Christian mission and ministry through courageous leadership that results in transformational change throughout the world.”

GCFA has the church's back. They carry out God’s desire that we use our gifts in God’s service. They make sure to handle money entrusted to The United Methodist Church with integrity. They provide leadership in everything from accounting and financial planning to building alliances and protecting the rights of the church.

Most of all, GCFA connects with United Methodist congregations, not just with dollars, but also by fulfilling church dreams. By initiating United Methodist-friendly programs to help congregations grow funds – everything from a giving app to partnerships providing discounts, GCFA is not about dollar signs. Rather, it is about signs of the times – helping United Methodist churches to develop ministries that feed the poor, fight injustice and act as good stewards of God’s wealth.