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Center Honors Black Methodists’ History

“I think we all need to care more about each other’s stories. That’s all we have. I think if we understood more about each other’s stories we wouldn’t have as many things going on in the world.” Carol Travis is the executive assistant of the African American Methodist Heritage Center.

African American Methodist Heritage Center Endowment Fund

One goal is to teach churches how to gather facts about African American contributions to The United Methodist Church (UMC) they may not have known. Another goal is that such information fosters greater appreciation, insight and encouragement about effective discipleship, evangelism and mission. We provided tools to equip churchs in uncovering historical contributions of African American pioneers in their own local churches that are perhaps not widely known.  Numerous ways of preserving and sharing information by experts in the field of research.”

AAMHC seeks to creatively develop and disseminate,through print and electronic media, discoveries that have brought us thus far on the way.The collections reveal God at work in the lives of God’s people and offer guidance for the future.

If you would like more information on how to give to this ministry through your estate plan, contact us at (615) 369 - 2382 or